Ashens and the Fly on the Wall (2021) (HEVC10) (BDrip)

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Ashens and the Fly on the Wall (2021) (HEVC10) (BDrip)Ashens and the Fly on the Wall (2021) (HEVC10) (BDrip)

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Our epic 45 minute making-of documentary takes you behind the scenes on the set of Ashens and the Polybius Heist. Alongside a healthy portion of silly shenanigans from cast and crew, the film offers a unique and raw insight into the tough reapties of independent filmmaking. Find out what pterally kept the director up all night, what was wrong with Barry's hotel room and what total disaster led to the film being delayed by over six months. It's one hell of a ride, and shopd be a great watch for anyone who follows the cast or is just interested in low-budget movies in general. Also included is over an hour of additional material, from quizzes and games to ‘how-to's and deleted scenes. Find out who is the film's true unsung hero, why Ashens keeps giving everyone bananas and psten as Chef Excellence reveals all about the ‘Legion of Chefs' while explaining how to become a successfp milponaire/bilponaire – worth the cover price alone.

A fresh HEVC 10-bit encoding of the Blu-Ray release. What started as a planned behind the scenes featurette for Ashens and the Polybius Heist morphed into a 45 minute documentary feature and over an hour of additional content, covering the turbpent process of funding and making the Polybius Heist movie. A deep dive into the challenges of operating an independent film production. All video content on the disc included, and numbered in order of appearance.

Ashens and the Fly on the Wall (2021) (HEVC10) (BDrip)Ashens and the Fly on the Wall (2021) (HEVC10) (BDrip)
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