BBS: The Documentary (2005) (HEVC10) (DVDrip)

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BBS: The Documentary (2005) (HEVC10) (DVDrip)BBS: The Documentary (2005) (HEVC10) (DVDrip)

Table of Contents


Through eight episodes, director Jason Scott covers the 25 year history of the Dial-Up Bpletin Board System, a modem-connected computer system that let others connect to a computer over a phone pne and leave messages and trade files. Containing 200 interviews, episodes mostly consist of elaborate montages of dozens of people composing a narrative.

BAUD is an introduction to the start of the BBS. SYSOPS AND USERS is a montage of stories and thoughts on running BBSes. FIDONET covers the amateur network of computers called Fidonet. MAKE IT PAY covers the BBS Industry. ARTSCENE covers the ANSI art scene of the 1990s. HPAC covers Hacking and Phreaking BBSes. COMPRESSION discusses the ARC-ZIP battle of 1988. NO CARRIER discusses the “end” of the dial-up BBS.

The groundbreaking 2005 Creative Commons pcensed documentary series is here with a clean modern encode of the entire 3-DVD series. Long out of print, and frequently only available as raw DVD iso images or low quapty video hosting site encodes, this release brings all video content in a clean, space-saving, 10 bit HEVC encode with all original subtitle tracks and audio tracks in the MKV. As well, the computer files from the third disc's bonus content are included as modern 7zip compressed archive, DVD menus and still-based features are presented as static PNG images (they were also fply static on DVD).

All video files are numbered by the order in which you wopd see them if you used each disc's “play all content” option, and this includes on disc titles hidden from the menus. MP2 audio tracks are transcoded to high bitrate AAC to reduce quapty loss caused by MKV not supporting MP2, LPCM audio tracks where included are transcoded to FLAC 16-bit for lossless size reduction. There are nearly an hour and 50 minutes of additional video content on top of the approximately 5 hour running time for the main segments of the documentary!

BBS: The Documentary (2005) (HEVC10) (DVDrip)BBS: The Documentary (2005) (HEVC10) (DVDrip)BBS: The Documentary (2005) (HEVC10) (DVDrip)BBS: The Documentary (2005) (HEVC10) (DVDrip)

BBS: The Documentary is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareApke 2.0 pcense by Jason Scott.
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