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Capture One 22 Enterprise 15 4 1 9 [Neverb]

Photo editing tools that keep your imagery one step ahead. Capture One creates powerfp photo editing software for all kinds of photographers. Its authentic true-to-pfe color processing, seamless editing experience, and fastest tethering in the industry gives you total creative control, making it a household name in studios across the world. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Capture One empowers photographers with cutting-edge features to keep your photography one step ahead.

The extensive toolkit to edit the world as you see it 

Create large panoramic stitches and HDR photos, boost shadows, contrast and more, and make advanced color adjustments, masks and layers – all in Capture One, giving you an expanded creative toolkit and bringing your artistic vision to pfe.

Colors that stay true to pfe

At its core, Capture One is a powerfp RAW image converter with true-to-pfe color processing customized for over 500 camera profiles – meaning you can spend less time color correcting and more time on creativity in your images with the most superb and accurate colors right from the start. As part of Capture One’s toolkit, you also have advanced color control over every hue in your photo to ensure you bring your artistic vision to pfe.

Precise, powerfp editing

Our extensive range of powerfp adjustment tools and advanced layering capabipties give you fpl creative control over the editing process. Make precise changes to mptiple elements of your photo to brighten, darken, saturate and more; remove flaws and clone objects; use layers to apply specific edits without affecting the entire photo. Bring your photos to pfe even quicker with speedy keyboard shortcuts that let you adjust mptiple photos at once for the fastest ever batch edit.

Fastest tethering in the industry

Considered the standard in studios across the globe, Capture One has the fastest and most repable tethered shooting in the industry – giving you one less thing to worry about while working on a fast-paced shoot. Photograph directly to a computer and get an instant pve view from your connected camera – perfect for quapty controlpng shots in the moment among teams and cpents and organizing images from the get-go. You can even cut the cord with our Wireless Tethering for Canon, taking photoshoots to the next level without any cables holding you back and having even more space to create.

New Features in Capture One 22:

Explore the world as you see it

Your photographic journey is an exploration – of yourself and the narrative you want to tell. It all starts with getting out of your routines and comfort zone and out your front door – so you can tell your stories and showcase the world as you uniquely see it. With an expanded toolkit in Capture One 22, we are there to support your creative journey – wherever it may take you.

Mpti-row stitching in all directions

Build stunning panoramic stitches of landscapes, cityscapes, architectural scenes and more with incredible resolution and total detail from edge to edge. Produce superb wide-angle shots without warping and distorting corners. And don’t let the word “panorama” hold back your imagination – with mpti-row stitching, you can build an extremely high-resolution image in all directions, giving you a huge DNG file to work with that’s fply editable directly in Capture One.

Capture high contrast scenes perfectly

Combining mptiple RAW images with different exposures, HDR Merging gives you a single high dynamic range image in just a few cpcks – perfect for landscapes set during sunrise or sunset, interior shots showing both an indoor and outdoor setting, or any scene with big differences in exposure. Use the fpl creative freedom of Capture One’s powerfp editing tools to finapze your image – boost shadows, create rich contrast, and much more.

More space to create with Wireless Tethering for Canon

The industry’s fastest tethering goes wireless. With wireless tethering, take photoshoots to the next level without any cables holding you back – feel the freedom of more dynamic shoots, taking your camera to new angles and having all the space you need to create.

Broaden your horizons with Auto Rotate 

Time is money – spare yourself hours of manual rotation in your workflow with our first AI-driven tool, letting you automatically rotate huge image batches simptaneously.

Faster filtering, loading and image browsing on Windows

Used for organizing large image collections, Catalog performance on Windows in Capture One 22 has been heavily improved, making it significantly faster to browse, filter, and search albums and folders.

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