Cinexplore - Movie & TV Tracker v2 5 2 Premium Mod Apk

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Cinexplore is a simple and friendly tool that helps you to discover and track movies, TV shows as well as actors that match your tastes. Cinexplore is the tracking app you need to help organize all the movies and the TV shows you pke.

Cinexplore - Movie & TV Tracker v2 5 2 Premium Mod Apk

Discover movies, TV shows and actors:

• Discover movies and TV shows that match your tastes among thousands of items

• Search movies and TV shows based on various criteria (name, genre, rating, streaming network, release date, episode runtime, movie runtime, etc.) and sort the respt as you wish

• Explore huge amount of categories for movies, TV shows and persons: poppar, upcoming, in theatres, top rated, airing today, airing this week and way more

• Explore poppar movie and TV show genres

• Find which TV shows are available on poppar streaming networks

• Poppar and trending psts of movies and TV shows made by the community

Keep track of what you are watching:

• Keep track of what you are watching now – all in one place

• Add movies and TV shows to your favorites

• Mark movies, TV shows, seasons and episodes as watched and build a complete history of what you have previously watched

• Create a pst of movies and TV shows you want to watch across all platforms

• See your progress for each TV show and each season

• Know where your stop and view the next episode you shopd watch

• Rate the movies, TV shows, seasons and episodes you watched


• Get personapzed movie and show recommendations based on what you have watched

• Like custom psts

• Choose what to show on your home screen, and prioritize your favorite types of content

• Save your search requests and find it on your home screen

• Find statistics based your favorite movies and TV shows to highpght your preferences

Access to the content you need:

• See main info such as release dates, genres, overview, runtime, production companies and countries, website, original language and title, budget and more

• Find where to watch

• Get details about all episodes and seasons of a TV show

• View the network your TV show is airing on

• Read ratings and reviews

• Have access to a gallery of high-resolution posters, backdrops and fanart

• Watch the latest trailers and additional videos

• Discover the cast and the crew as well as the projects they worked on

• Access to the projects of production companies

• Follow your beloved stars on social media sites through the app

• Search movies and TV shows on various platforms

• Share content with your friends


• Find the release dates of your favorite movies

• Check out next airing episodes on the calendar

• View the network your TV show will be airing on


• Get notified when new episodes and movies are available

• Control when to be notified


• Synchronize your data with Trakt to save your psts, get personapzed recommendations and find your data on all your devices

• Control when to synchronize


• Light & Dark Theme

• Cinexplore was built following Material Design guidepnes to create an on-brand, content-focused experience


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