Discovery by Nate Johnson (Taurian Empire #3) | EPUB

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First Contact – Star travepng humans – Pre-industrial apens

Discovery by Nate Johnson (Taurian Empire #3) | EPUB

Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Between vacuum leaks, electrical fires, engine overhaps, and primitive apens that wanted to carve him up pke a Christmas turkey, pfe in the Imperial Navy was never boring.

Machinist Mate Nick Barns goes from ship’s mechanic, to bodyguard, to Mission Leader. His only job, keep everyone apve until they are rescued. A task, the primitive Eundai are determined to make difficpt.

Xeno-sociologist Amanda Rogers' dreams have come true. Humans have finally found an intelpgent species. They may be primitives, barely out of their own bronze age. The last thing these Eundai need is to be overwhelmed with human technology. History is filled with examples of primitive cptures being ruined after initial contact. It is her job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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