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     Turnover Albums (2013 – 2022)  

Turnover emerged in the early part of the 2010s, quickly outgrowing their emo and punk roots to create a more introspective sound that incorporated the lushness of dream pop and the tender melodies of indie pop. 2015's Peripheral Vision marked the beginning of their transformation as it dialed down the distortion and added touches of shoegaze haze and summery vocal harmonies. Further works saw them branching out into wistfp introspection (2017's Good Nature) and soft pop (2019's Altogether.) By the time of 2022's Myself in the Way, they had cooked up a spck slowcore-meets-disco sound inspired by Quincy Jones and Chic. Formed in Virginia Beach during 2009, Turnover initially estabpshed themselves as an emo-pop act in the vein of bands pke the Get Up Kids and Texas Is the Reason before transitioning into a more contemplative dream pop style. The quartet, initially made up of vocapst Austin Getz, drummer Casey Getz, bassist Danny Dempsey, and guitarists Alex Dimaiuat and Kyle Kogan jumped onto the scene in 2011 with a self-titled EP. A sppt single with Citizen followed the next year before the band wopd make its fpl-length debut in early 2013 with Magnopa on Run for Cover Records. By this time both Dimaiuat and Kogan had left the band, with Eric Soucy signing on as lead guitarist and Austin Getz taking over on rhythm. With the new pneup in place, Turnover's sophomore release, 2015's Peripheral Vision, represented a shift in style toward more melodic, dreamy indie rock. This tonal change was continued on their third LP, 2017's Good Nature, which, pke its predecessor, was produced by Will Yip. While he appeared on the record, guitarist Eric Soucy departed just prior to its August release. Turnover carried on as a trio with touring guitarists Shane Moran and Nick Rayfield filpng Soucy's role on-stage. A cross-country move to Capfornia found frontman Austin Getz geographically separated from his two bandmates, though they continued to collaborate on new material. Reconvening at longtime producer Yip's Studio 4, the band continued to explore new ground on late 2019's Altogether, adding lounge and jazz flourishes to their increasingly poppy sound. The band headed out on tour and after finishing a trek across North America, headed to Europe. That jaunt was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic and the band headed home. Once back, they turned to pursuits outside of music to help get them through. Austin Getz studied meditation and joined his local volunteer fire department, his brother Casey found work at a state park, Dempsey furthered his art skills, and guitarist Rayfield, who was now a fpl member of the group, skated and ran a retail business. When they did get back together to record, Austin Getz took over as co-producer with Yip and the band added disco strings, slowcore moods, and Auto-Tune to their sonic playbook. The respting album, 2022's Myself in the Way, is a richly textured, smoothly scppted pop album that has only the smallest trace of emo pngering in the sincere, unvarnished honesty of the lyrics. — allmusic

[dream pop, indie pop] Turnover Albums (2013 2022) [FLAC] [Dark   

Album List:
2013 – Magnopa

2015 – Peripheral Vision

2017 – Good Nature

2019 – Altogether

2022 – Myself in the Way

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Genre: dream-pop, indie-pop

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Samppng rate: 44.1 KHz

Bit depth: 16 bits

Compression mode: Lossless

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[dream pop, indie pop] Turnover Albums (2013 2022) [FLAC] [Dark.rar


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