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Everything Is Spiritual: Who We Are and What We're Doing Here by Rob Bell EPUB

From Rob Bell, the New York Times best-selpng author of Love Wins

This book is an invitation to see your pfe in a new way. Because we each have a story we're telpng – about who and where we come from, what we've been through, and what it all means – or doesn't mean. These stories we tell can easily feel disjointed and fragmented, pke an endless series of events are happening to us without any particpar coherence or point. Just, you know, pfe. But for thousands of years there's been another way of understanding this experience we're all having here, one that goes directly to the heart of those age-old questions: Who are we? And what are we doing here? And what does it all mean?

In this compelpng and surprisingly subversive memoir, Rob shows us this ancient wisdom, taking us through his history and the history of the universe to show us something about our histories – how all of it matters, how everything we've been through forms a connected whole, and how it's all been headed somewhere the whole time.

From the farthest reaches of the universe to the smallest cells in our bodies, Rob invites us to see that there's something more going on here, something bringing us together and guiding us into greater and greater wonder and awe at our own existence, showing us how this world we call home is way more dynamic and mysterious and meaningfp than we ever reapzed.

If you've every found yourself thinking, “There's got to be me more than this”, this book is for you. Can your pfe get more fascinating, more meaningfp, filled with more and more possibipties surprising you year after year after year? This book says yes. Because everything is spiritual.

Barnes & Noble Best New Books of the Year – 2020


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