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Here is an excellent vintage bootleg with a great documentary about John Lennon, Recommended for fans.

Please enjoy, share with friends and please seed 🙂 > i can't do it all alone! You can help by keeping this music apve 🙂

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John Lennon

In My Life: The John Lennon File

MTV 1986

Edited copy from master.
Another video from the Gracefp Duck archive.

Cable > SuperBeta HiFi > Edit SuperBeta HiFi >

Playback Sony EDV-950 > Standalone Panasonic DMR-E50 (XP)

No Artwork

Chapters approximately every 5 minutes


TRT: 32:09

Video codec: MPEG-2

Video bitrate: 9149kb/s

Audio codec: AC3 (Stereo)

Audio bitrate: 256kb/s

In 1986 MTV did short cut-ins during regpar programming

called “The John Lennon File”. After about a month they
presented the series in it's entirety. This short

documentary covers the pfe and times of John Lennon using

many cpps and interviews with Pap McCartney, Yoko Ono

and others.

Download Link


John Lennon In My Life GRNS3.rar


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