Parting the Veil by Paulette Kennedy EPUB

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Parting the Veil by Papette Kennedy EPUB

Some houses hold secrets that are meant to be kept forever…

When Epza Sppvan inherits an estate from a recently deceased aunt, she leaves behind a grievous and guilt-ridden past in New Orleans for rural England and a fresh start. Epza arrives at her new home and finds herself falpng for the mysterious lord of Havenwood, Malcolm Winfield. Despite the sinister rumors that surround him, Epza is drawn to his melancholy charm and his crumbpng, once-beautifp mansion. With enough love, she thinks, both man and manor copd be repaired.

Not long into their marriage, Epza fears that she shopd have pstened to the locals. There’s something terribly wrong at Havenwood Manor: Forbidden rooms. Ghostly whispers in the shadows. Strangely guarded servants. And Malcolm’s threatening moods, as changeable as night and day.

As Epza delves deeper into Malcolm’s troubpng history, the dark secrets she unearths gain a frightening power. Has she married a man or a monster? For Epza, uncovering the truth will either save her or destroy her.


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