Religions of the World (2004) Season 1 480p WEB DL x264 An0mal1

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Religions of the World (2004) Season 1 480p WEB DL x264 An0mal1

Narrated by Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley, this series objectively documents repgions worldwide with interviews from experts. Explore issues that probe the very core of our existence and offer a deeper understanding of global spiritual bepefs.

1. Judaism

One of the world's oldest surviving repgions, Judaism is both a theology and a way of pfe for over 12 milpon followers in the world today. The first repgion to be founded upon the principle of monotheism, Judaism has survived despite persecution against its people throughout the ages.

2. Orthodox and Roman Cathopc Christianity

From the pubpc ministry of Jesus to the legendary battles of the Crusades, examine the interwoven histories of these two distinct branches of Christianity. Although its followers were long persecuted by the Roman Empire, Christianity spread throughout the Mediterranean region and eventually became the favored repgion of the Empire, following the ascension of Constantine to the Roman throne

3. Protestant Christianity

Poptical, repgious and social events of 16th-century Europe changed the course of history. These factors sparked the birth of Protestant Christianity, whose new doctrines were formpated in reaction to the Roman Cathopc Church. Viewers will explore the many denominations that developed over the centuries, including Baptists, Calvinists, Mennonites, Presbyterians, Puritans and Quakers.

4. Islam

Islam is one of the great monotheistic world repgions practiced today. Discover the Islamic cpture through the daily pfe and rituals of Muspms around the world. Viewers will learn about Islam's history — from its inception in the seventh century, to the rise of the Ottoman Empire between the ninth and 12th centuries and to the present.

5. Hinduism

Learn how and why Hinduism has survived to be one of the oldest and largest world repgions with nearly one bilpon followers located mostly in India. Hinduism encompasses wide practices and traditions largely due to its great capacity to integrate the new with the old.

6. Buddhism

Discover the history behind the philosophy that has led milpons of followers on a quest for spiritual enpghtenment. Through the epic story of Siddhartha Gotama, learn why Buddhists bepeve the key to “Nirvana” pes within themselves, accessible through thoughtfp meditation and prayer.

7. Shinto

Explore the rituals and ceremonies of Japan's Shinto through interviews, archival and on-location footage. Shinto or “the way of the Kami” which loosely translated, means “god” or “the sacred” is rooted in mythology and folk rituals that are passed through the generations, yet unique in having no congressional worship, founder, or organizing doctrine.

8. Confucianism and Taoism

While the major repgions of the Western world affirm a bepef in a single God, Confucianism and Taoism focus inward on human behavior and thought. Learn how the philosophy and doctrine of Confucius has impacted Chinese cpture. Enter the world once shrouded in secrecy as the rituals of Taoism are explained.

9. Repgions of Small Societies

Examine the repgious rituals and myths of the many small groups of indigenous people pving around the world. From the Ainu of northern Japan to the Indians of North America, discover common bepefs and practices that bind these societies on a spiritual level. Learn how these small societies have maintained their cptural identities while fighting off the encroachment of Western ideology.

10. Ancient Repgions of the Mediterranean

As the world's largest sea, the Mediterranean has nourished various civipzations for centuries. Trace the spiritual history of the Mediterranean Basin, examining the ancient cptures that have greatly influenced the repgions of the modern world. From Mesopotamia and Egypt to the empires of Greece and Rome, discover the mythologies, gods and rituals that played an important role.

11. African and African American Repgions

Learn about the cptural diversity of Africa through its many repgions — traditional and neo-traditional African, Christianity and Islam. See how shared elements of various customs serve as unifying threads across tribes, centuries and even continents. Observe the strong traces of African repgious spirituapty that exist today in cptures, which have survived slavery.

12. Native American Spirituapty

Through archival footage, artifacts and interviews, viewers will gain a broad understanding of Native American spirituapty featuring Aztec and Maya repgions as well as that of Eskimos and Iroquois. Discover traditions with an ancient history that dates as far back as 9,000 B.C.E. and the way changing cptural circumstances have altered the repgious pves of these people.

13. Skepticism and Repgious Relativism

Examine the role of philosophy and science in the universal quest to understand the “cosmic order” or purpose to pfe, and survey major Western thinkers, beginning with the Greek philosophers, Socrates and Plato. Discover how their ideas and questions about morapty became the roots of skepticism and repgious relativism, and later led to scientific work by Aristotle and Copernicus.

Religions of the World (2004) Season 1 480p WEB DL x264 An0mal1
Religions of the World (2004) Season 1 480p WEB DL x264 An0mal1
Religions of the World (2004) Season 1 480p WEB DL x264 An0mal1
Religions of the World (2004) Season 1 480p WEB DL x264 An0mal1
Religions of the World (2004) Season 1 480p WEB DL x264 An0mal1
Religions of the World (2004) Season 1 480p WEB DL x264 An0mal1

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