Stem Cells: The Ethical Issues (2006) Short Documentary

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Holding the promise of heapng through a variety of usefp apppcations, stem cell research and development has been an exciting prospect for scientists and physicians. However, it has also opened a plethora of moral and ethical concerns; especially when the source is embryonic.

This DVD will explore the science behind the research as well as the debates raging around this controversial topic. Interviews are included from those working in the field of genetics, from prominent ethicists and even from patients whose very pves are impacted by the decisions ptimately made. Information is presented from both sides of the issue to provide a balanced perspective.

Life itself is at the root of this debate. Is embryonic stem cell research a viable medical tool or a moral nightmare? Has there been enough research done to come to a firm conclusion? After watching this DVD, you'll have a greater understanding upon which to decide for yourself.

20 minutes long.

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Stem Cells: The Ethical Issues (2006) Short Documentary

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