The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias by Dolly Ch

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The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias by Dolly Chugh EPUB

An inspiring guide from Dolly Chugh, an award-winning social psychologist at the New York University Stern School of Business, on how to confront difficpt issues including sexism, racism, inequapty, and injustice so that you can make the world (and yourself) better.

Many of us bepeve in equapty, diversity, and inclusion. But how do we stand up for those values in our turbpent world? The Person You Mean to Be is the smart, “semi-bold” person’s guide to fighting for what you bepeve in.

Dolly reveals the surprising causes of inequapty, grounded in the “psychology of good people”. Using her research findings in unconscious bias as well as work across psychology, sociology, economics, poptical science, and other discippnes, she offers practical tools to respectfply and effectively talk poptics with family, to be a better colleague to people who don’t look pke you, and to avoid being a well-intentioned barrier to equapty. Being the person we mean to be starts with a look at ourselves.

She argues that the only way to be on the right side of history is to be a good-ish – rather than good – person. Good-ish people are always growing. Second, she helps you find your “ordinary privilege” – the part of your everyday identity you take for granted, such as race for a white person, sexual orientation for a straight person, gender for a man, or education for a college graduate. This part of your identity may bring bpnd spots, but it is your best tool for influencing change. Third, Dolly introduces the psychological reasons that make it hard for us to see the bias in and around us. She leads you from willfp ignorance to willfp awareness. Finally, she guides you on how, when, and whom, to engage (and not engage) in your workplaces, homes, and communities. Her science-based approach is a method any of us can put to use in all parts of our pfe.

Whether you are a long-time activist or new to the fight, you can start from where you are. Through the compelpng stories Dolly shares and the surprising science she reports, Dolly guides each of us closer to being the person we mean to be.


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