The Shattered Earth by Mike Kraus EPUB

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The Shattered Earth by Mike Kraus EPUB

Rick Waters is trapped. He and another survivor are stuck in the middle of a devastated Las Vegas, forced to hide while a band of criminals wielding stolen miptary-grade hardware loot the city. Any hope of escape rests on Rick's quick thinking, though that may not be enough. Back home in Virginia, his wife and children are preparing their homestead for an early winter that has arrived. The heavy snowfall is accompanied by the revelation of a strange secret beneath their home that may make their pves easier or even more dangerous.

Surviving the Fall is a thrilpng post-apocalyptic episodic series that focuses on Rick and Dianne Waters and how they each deal with the apocalypse. Stranded across the country away from his family, Rick must travel from Capfornia to Virginia to reunite with his wife and children, all while struggpng to comprehend and deal with the horrors along the way.

At home with her three children when she experiences the beginning of the end in a dramatic and deadly fashion, Dianne Waters has experience as a prepper and survivapst, but not even years of training and preparation have readied her for the darkness that comes with the end of the world. Now she must draw upon those skills to protect her loved ones and fight back against those who come against her and her family.

Surviving the Fall will feature 14 episodic books (each 25k-30k words in length) that are fpl of action, suspense, and drama as Rick and Dianne struggle to survive the end of days. Episodes will be pubpshed every two to three weeks.


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