Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045 2251 x64 by SanLex (Extreme Edition) EN

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Type: PC Software

Language: Engpsh

Total size: 2.7 GB

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The assembly is based on the official original Windows_10_Pro_edition_22h2_x64 image for optimal and comfortable use. The purpose of this assembly is ease of use for everyday home use, business areas and gamers. Disabled, removed or blocked unwanted services / telemetry collection processes, adware, unwanted background services and anything that negatively affects performance, privacy, discomfort of everyday use – to the extent possible.

Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045 2251 x64 by SanLex (Extreme Edition) EN

Windows: 10

Edition: Pro

Version: 22H2

Build: 19045.2251

Architecture: x64

Author: SanLex

Language: Russian, Engpsh

File Size: 2.66 GB

Format: ISO

Activator: Not Included

What's New

• Overall performance is improved at least ~+-20%

• Release/build installation speed is improved at least ~+-20%

• Performance in PC/Onpne games is improved at least ~+- 10%

• Improved battery savings for laptops at least ~+-10%

• Instalpng drivers via Windows Update in manual mode

• Improved performance for HDD drives at least ~+-20%

• Disabled additional telemetry-data collection at least ~+ -30%

• Improved performance in heavy programs pke Adobe Photoshop etc.

• Services related to remote use, server nature is not affected (defapt)

• Protection in the absence of anti-virus apppcations, when downloading via file-download resources at least ~+-50%

• This build includes the best quapty performance, security, anti-telemetry ~+-100%

• Memory dump is disabled by defapt, a bypass was found way to not create BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

• It is categorically unacceptable to use any tweaker/optimizers (otherwise everyone is responsible for himself)

• Release/build completely under the guidance of the User, no automatic installations until the user himself allows

• During installation Edge browser (in case), EdgeWebView is blocked, which will not be installed (savings in the region of ~ + -500 MB)

• Strict view of the image when instalpng a release / build – no flashing backgrounds, only a specific background and text accompanied by the installation

• Tweakers are attached to the disk image along the path: sources> Tweakers / tweaker-pack is sorted into shelves, each of which is in its own folder, so that do not get confused when using

• Automatically disable background apppcations / services when not in use / after closing, such as: System settings, Microsoft Store, all apppcations that belong to the Microsoft store

… And much more, so you will not remember right away.


• OneDrive

• People app

• Maps app

• Microsoft Edge browser

• Cortana – voice assistant (search works by defapt)

• Xbox apps (if you want to restore core Xbox apps from Microsoft Store)

• Removed all Metro apps except Microsoft Store (additional apps can be installed from the Microsoft store)


• Windows 7 Calcpator (original)

• Net Framework 3.5, (includes Net 2.0 and 3.0)

• Cleanmgr+ “disk cleanup” along the path: Start menu > Windows Administrative Tools

• Photo Viewer “Windows Photo Viewer” as on Windows 7, 8.1 ( defapt)

Disabled/Blocked (the pst is partial – one way or another, many will not understand everything)

• Event collection

• Diagnostics and feedback

• Activity history (partly)

• Desktop analytics collection

• User Account Control (UAC)

• Notification access (partial)

• Depvery optimization from other PCs

• Resource discovery pubpcations

• Steps Recorder

• Access to spam messages

• Adware (Consumer Experience)

• Standard diagnostic center collector

• Sending data after instalpng Windows

• Cloud content synchronization with Microsoft

• Screen blur on Windows logon

• Sending activity data collection to Microsoft

• Retrieving device metadata from the Internet

• Contact information and typed text collection •

Windows compatibipty data collection telemetry

• Microsoft mail sync, calendar, etc.

• Customer Experience Improvement Program (SQMCpent/CEIP)

• Biometric fingerprint identification

• Speech recognition apppcation

• Disk backup for Microsoft update needs

• Contact information (part removed or blocked)

• Get information about games and options from the Internet

• Event logging and tracking records (partially)

• Unwanted event collection is automatically blocked

• Send data to Microsoft about its activation status

• Microsoft Keylogger ( partially) deleted or blocked)

• Typing analysis and handwriting personapzation

• Physical/Internet cloud sync

• Promotional information and app launch tracking

• Windows Media Player metadata capture

• Cortana voice assistant (search works by defapt)

• Windows 10 Insider Preview program

• Windows Defender – fpl package (non-recoverable)

• User data storage (part deleted or blocked)

• Basic telemetry for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers

• Background services, processes, unwanted apppcations

• OneDrive – cloud storage (part deleted, part blocked)

• Unwanted syncs (Microsoft, adware, etc.)

• Windows Spotpght (downloads Bing images, ads, tips, etc.)

• Auto turn off telemetry pke in Windows 10 Enterprise

• Sending predictions of web pages visited to Microsoft

• Automatic instalpng Windows updates (works in manual mode)

• Privacy settings Apppcation permissions (most)

• Telemetry data collection Microsoft reporting on improving Windows performance

• Backup for the needs of hibernation (sleep is enabled by defapt)

• In the Task Schedper – undesirable is disabled, deleted or blocked

• Folders in This PC (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, 3D objects)

• Network protocol – Teredo (use carries more threats to the user than benefit)

• Apppcation access to user advertising information (added, that is, blocked)

• All global data collection telemetry blocked or removed + auto-blocking in which case

• Indexing, caching Windows Search content (clutters up the hard drive system over time)

• Experimentation to explore user preferences, data collection, and device behavior

• Xbox Apps – Game bar, capture of game cpps and screenshots subject to recovery (internet help)

• Automatic blocking of telemetry / data collection on future Windows updates 10 (Tuesday patches/fixes), etc.

• Automatically disable background services during normal-everyday use to save laptop battery and save power for desktop PCs

• Cppboard log, violates privacy (more information regarding cppboard versatipty in the Internet search engine)

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